Pick up & go

That is exactly what me & my bestie did this past weekend. We constantly talk about our desire to travel to these extreme far away lands that we cannot afford at this point in our lives. So we just don’t go anywhere and that gets old.

She was planning to come visit me before she starts her 24/7 90 on call shift (aka house arrest for work) and instead we found some super affordable round trip flights to Toronto on kiwi.com ! We found a last minute Air Bnb and to say we were pleased is an understatement. That place is beautiful, breathtaking, fun, clean, eclectic. It has so many sights to see, streets to roam and people to meet. Perfect mini vacation!

Just because you can’t currently take your dream vacation or travel to the most exotic destination doesn’t mean you can’t go anywhere. Just go somewhere and see something new. It was eye opening and refreshing in all of the best ways.

Here are a few of my favorite photos!  We explored the Royal Ontario Museum, went to the last Toronto Blue Jays baseball game and hit to town to some of the nightlife hot spots including the famous Harry Potter inspired bar The Lockhart!

Where has been your favorite mini get away? 

summer reads


I honestly could not tell you the last book I read cover-to-cover by choice. I 100% sparknoted my way through college, I made a 3.43 overall so texts books aren’t super necessary. Jk, you might really need them at some point.

I never would have thought I would have any desire to read anything other than click bait articles on Facebook but I needed something to pass the time when I forget my headphones on the plane or to keep my attention off how miserably hot I am while laying out at the poo,l so I started buying book and I can finally say I have found my genre of “literature”…. funny celebrity biographies. Before (or after) you roll your eyes, hear me out… I like a good laugh and a little inspiration without feeling like I am reading a self-help book and these check both boxes. I like the relatable awkwardness that everyone experiences throughout life, even our favorite celebs, but also the stories of absolute rejection and determination for success kind of make me feel like I’m not a complete failure, yet.

I also love the little bit of empowerment that I get from them that is completely ok, if not entirely encouraged, to be smart, successful & funny!

I want to share with you a few of my favorites so far. Maybe they are silly but sometimes a chuckle at someone else’s expense is just what you need.

I believe all of them are available new or used on Amazon!

What will you be reading by the pool this summer?

Are there any odd genres of books that you gravitate towards?



omg, who are you & why are you here?

17626364_10210503679921503_2717665222669628354_nI think we can ask each other those questions with equally entertaining answers. I would love to hear your answer, but since I asked first I will give you mine. My name is Courtney, I live in the boomin’ city of Nashville, TN and have 0 musical abilities. For the loooongest time past 2 years or so I have teetered with the idea of starting a blog but because of my lack of commitment issues i.e. groupons never used, shirts with the tags still on them… you get the idea… I just couldn’t muster up the courage, because it does take courage to share any part of your life with strangers, and have been a little lost in where the heck to start. But never the less I’m here and ready to parrrrrtay.

I want to share all of the things I love with anyone who will listen, honestly. I love trying new beauty items, clothing brands and home décor ideas. If you like any of those things then pretty please stick around and lets find new stuff together! I have friends text me for outfit ideas or ask what make up I’m using so they have boosted my ego & encouraged me to share with anyone else who wants to know the deets on what I think is worth its weight in gold.

I will always pick the prettiest version of whatever options are in front of me even if it’s  a spatula, there are some really pretty spatulas out there y’all… I think it makes for a happier life, if not at the very least a little bit prettier moment. If you’re in for a pretty little blog that has no real direction then welcome! If you have any helpful advice or anything you would love to see send it my way!

I hope you have the best time here and a wonderful day,


PS leave a comment where you’re from so we can be internet frands!